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A woman’s mind Enamel Pins

A woman’s mind Enamel Pins

Dialogue with women can inspire you to design badges. Custom enamel lapel pins cheap price from Better Finish.

A table, a white flower, from morning to night, four sets of guests, one set of two. The first set has a badge now.

This film is more like four separate short plays, after all, there is no continuity, there is nothing wrong with picking it up alone or disrupting the order. Rationally speaking, I like Zheng Youmei’s fragments best. But from the emotional point of view, she prefers Lin Xiujing. She likes her so much. Why can she design such a gentle face as a cynical badge image?

It was a big embarrassing scene.

Zheng Youmei, already a big star, met her ex-boyfriend many years later.

From the details of her seating selection, she had some romantic ideas for the meeting and gave each other a beautiful badge. For this cup with flowers, I chose to sit by the window where I could easily reveal my identity. But the next meeting was completely overturned. Ex-boyfriend came with the supporting mentality of “letting colleagues believe that they have been with big stars before”, and with the same mentality as Internet sprayers to ask all kinds of gossip to the end, whether it is true to communicate with a certain star, whether it is true to have an illegitimate son of a vice-president, or to have a leg split after a violent family, and whether it is cosmetic surgery lace news questions. Zheng Youmei’s ex-girlfriend, almost angry and funny, let him touch his nose to see if it was rectified. Ex reached out and touched his nose without any interest.

Funny thing is, knowing clearly that the other party is in a difficult position to take a photo, ex also asked to take a “certified photo” when they separated. It is imperial to end this invisible reunion in time.

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