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Acacia Enamel Lapel Pins

Acacia Enamel Lapel Pins

Acacia has a golden inflorescence, symbolizing beauty and happiness, so Acacia brooch is also popular with women. Our custom design Acacia enamel pins at cheap price, no minimum order,

The design of this brooch takes Acacia as the main design element and uses yellow and blue tones on the Australian flag to express the enthusiasm of the Australian people, highlight the Australian culture and express the enthusiasm and cheerfulness of the Australian people. Acacia is not only an excellent tree species for landscaping and beautifying, but also an ornamental plant for parks and courtyards. Acacia is also the national flower of Australia, reunion and beauty.

Brooches, clumps, clusters of symbols of peace and tranquility, representing a fleeting pleasure, light yellow carnival is also the most popular gift for Russian women, golden flowers, can be seen everywhere in Nice’s Carnival. So Nice Carnival is also known as Mimosa Carnival, or Golden Carnival. In the days when Acacia was in full bloom, the sky and the earth seemed to be covered with the golden color of Acacia, and a few days later, everything disappeared.

Albizzia julibrissin, also known as night Lily and news flower, deciduous upright shrubs, elegant and graceful tree form, verdant spring leaves, full of interest, round crown, showing a windward display of heroism. So, to wear a brooch of Acacia is to wear beauty and elegance!

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