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Advertising table Badge

Advertising table Badge

In this table badge with a deep meaning, flexible advertising elements. Our custom design advertising table badges at cheap price no minimum order.

Table: Advertising-Video

What is the composition of an advertisement?

Firstly, it serves the purpose, propagandizes and stimulates the audience’s purchasing desire.

It doesn’t say “Buy it quickly” to you straight away. It disguises itself.

Overexpose intentions: things are good;

Cover it up with the sugar coat of literature and art;

Something else: Tell you a story.

The former relies on dazzling scenes and drastic editing. So it does not need to be true.

The latter two first build aesthetic scenes, mix the tune of literature and art, and lead you to drug addiction.

It’s too aesthetic to be true. Fortunately, advertisements don’t ask for truth or falsehood.

Designing the table badge as a literary and artistic advertisement buries the appearance.

How deep is the topic in the table badge?

Designer’s technology is no longer effective.

It’s not as true as a high-quality factory.

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