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Another lotus badge

Another lotus badge.

A few days ago, I was overjoyed to receive an invitation to enjoy the lotus emblem in Tangqian Township, Liancheng County. Make your custom lotus enamel pins at cheap price.

Because, you can see the long-lost lotus, as well as the exquisite lotus badge. I remember when I was a child, lotus was my favorite. On the day of the day of appreciation, the sun was beautiful, and the sun was hiding in the clouds all day, and the sky was very strong. When the lotus pond, which is made up of paddy fields, suddenly appeared before my eyes, I was overwhelmed by its magnificence and beauty. See it from outside to inside, all the way to the foot of the mountain. It is no exaggeration to describe it with the words “the lotus leaves are infinitely green and the lotus flowers are so red in the sunshine”.

I couldn’t help looking to the extreme and saw a steady stream of tourists around me.

There are adults, children, men and women.

Children prefer lotus badges.

The lotus leaves in the field are close to me, and I am close to you. They grow densely. The lotus flowers are contentious, white, pink, pink and purple. Oh, a lot of lotus buds have grown. Some hold their heads high and some hold their heads sideways. They look very beautiful like sprinklers sprayed with flowers. Occasionally, dragonflies can be seen standing on the tip of the lotus.

At the front of the lotus pond, there is a pond in which carp of various colors float freely on the water like nobody else. Green lotus leaves, beautiful flowers, and the surrounding environment constitute a rural ink painting. In this quiet and leisurely time, encountering such a beautiful scenery inevitably makes people sigh that summer is still suitable for slow walking.

Look at the pond where the man is coming and going. There is a handsome man in casual clothes blowing and a lotus badge pinned to his clothes.

Dongxiao made a deep and gentle voice. In this pleasant scene, it is always easy to arouse people’s endless imagination to listen to such touching music. It seems that the shadow of lotus fairy is right beside itself, in the surrounding lotus pond; there is also a parent, holding a few months old baby in his arms, with novelty eyes, looking at everything around; the older child, led by his parents, cheers. They sometimes disappear into the depth of the lotus and sometimes appear on the path as if the world were theirs. At this time, I also along with the crowd, not impatient and slow, completely abandoned the daily trivial and annoying things, as if the world is mine.

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