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Badge of Love Story

Badge of Love Story

The love story badge records the small details of love and the dialogue between the characters. Custom enamel pins at cheap price

Wear the love badge, and then we understand that it’s all love stories.

What’s wonderful about the badge is the selection of roles.

The stars in the first group of badges are very temperamental, but the men are obviously full of vulgar little clerks.

The second group of badges is a pair of tender young people, can pinch out the water;

The third group of badges, the old lady, has deep love for her daughter and hatred for the happiness of others. Although the girl is not beautiful, she is the kind of person who writes rationally on her face.

In the fourth group of badges, the male dangler is also affectionate (prodigal son), while the female is charming and full of the tenderness of the canary. Characters and plots are highly compatible.

And then, even better, we’ll find that these four story badges can be put together, or even disrupt the reorganization. After all, different stages of life, different understandings and expressions of love and marriage.

If I were a god, I would always look at the story badge. It’s like spending an afternoon at your desk, reading interesting stories to kill millions of years of boredom.

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