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Badge of Men and Women Relations

Badge of Men and Women Relations

The use of male and female badges to represent the relationship between men and women can be designed as a symbol.

A man and a woman, apparently only four times. Custom enamel pins at cheap price.

But after the second or third meeting, it happened in a hurry. Neither of them has a formal career. A so-called writer, a so-called traveler and a restaurant owner are both romantic but unreliable guys.

Obviously, the little girl once looked forward to the future happiness, but did not want the man to go to Europe for so long before returning. In the cafe, they found that they were not familiar with each other. But the boy brought out a lot of gifts, which not only expressed his yearning for the girl, but also showed his inner suffering (why to go so long, why not meet). Of course, when girls receive gifts that are both valuable and somewhat clueless, there is more content without elaborate badges.

They seem to be able to continue their love. Although, we are not optimistic.

Two girls, the little girl is going to get married, originally wanted to catch a golden son-in-law, aimed at the company’s small boss, want to send the boss a love badge.

Unexpectedly, I fell in love with a small clerk. For the wedding ceremony, the little girl hired an old lady as her “temporary mother” because she had no family.

During the chat, the “temporary mother” misunderstood that the little girl had found her son-in-law and wanted to pretend that she had family status. Unexpectedly, the little girl wanted to hold a “no confusion, no bad heart” wedding, but also customized wedding badges to express new ideas.

I don’t want to invite those messy colleagues and relatives (this is understandable to us Chinese, three aunts and six mothers-in-law ask some trivial questions, but also hide the bad news of fame and fortune).

Then the “temporary mother” knew the truth, and sincerely looked at the little girl as her daughter, trying to be a mother again (her daughter died).

Obviously, it’s about the feelings of mother and daughter. In fact, there is a love story hidden behind it. It’s very common, but there is no lack of magic. Different badges express different feelings.

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