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Badminton enamel pins

Badminton enamel pins

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Badminton is an indoor and outdoor sport. According to the number of participants, it can be divided into singles and doubles, and the emerging three-dozen three.

Badminton racket is composed of racket face, racket rod, racket handle, racket frame and racket rod joint. The length of a racket is not more than 680 mm, in which the length of racket handle and racket rod is not more than 41 cm, the length of racket frame is 28 cm and the width is 23 cm. With the development of science and technology, the racket is developing towards lighter weight, harder racket frame and better elasticity of racket rod.

Modern badminton originated in England. In 1873, there was a Duke named Bobert in the town of Birmington, Glasgow County, England. During the garden party in his territory, several retired officers returning from India introduced a shuttlecock game using rackets to hit shuttlecock back and forth across the net, which aroused great interest. Because this activity is very interesting, it soon became popular in the upper social circles. “Badminton” became the name of English badminton.

In 1893, 14 Badminton Clubs in England formed the Badminton Association, the predecessor of the All England Open. Since 1992, badminton has become an official event of the Olympic Games.

In November 2017, the World Badminton Federation discussed and passed the new rules for badminton service, which require that the height of the hitting point should not exceed 1.15 meters when serving.

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