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Beautiful and arrogant plum blossom Badge

Beautiful and arrogant plum blossom Badge

Customize a beautiful and arrogant plum blossom cheap badge. Mainly highlights the proud features of the plum blossom badge.

There is a poem written by Wang Anshi, in which he writes: “There are several plums in the corner, Ling Han opens alone. Distance is not snow, but fragrance.” This poem tells us that plum blossom trees have many branches and flowers. They do not fear the cold and open up alone.

There is also a plum tree in my family. It was planted by my grandfather himself. Every winter, when almost all the flowers in my yard are gone, plum blossoms open. My plum blossom is light yellow, very elegant. When the wind blows, petals dance in the air; when the wind stops, petals “fall in succession”. Fragrant plum blossoms fall from the sky like fragrant angels. During the Spring Festival, the New Year greeters come to my home all praise plum blossoms, saying that plum blossom fragrance, plum blossom beauty…

The Plum Blossom Emblem fearless of the cold

It’s cold after spring this year, and it’s almost like winter in March. Everyone complains about the weather when they meet, but I’m glad because the plum blossom blossoms last longer. Every morning, I get up early to see plum blossoms. There are several birds beside the plum blossom tree. This call, that jump, happy like a fairy. They often catch my footsteps and make me want to stay by the tree for a little longer.

Plum Blossom Emblem

Summer is coming and the weather is hot. The plum trees grow green leaves. When the wind blows, the leaves flutter. The leaves of the plum tree are like a robot, and the wind is like a master who controls the robot. “Wind control” blows, “the robot” moves; “Wind control” stops, “the robot” immediately stops, motionless, like a nail. At this time, I will be excited to shout “cousin, cousin, come and see!”

Autumn is coming, the weather is much cooler, and the leaves of plum blossom trees are not as much as in summer. As soon as the wind blows, a few leaves fall from time to time. They have just been swept clean, and later they can be seen scattered on the ground. When winter comes, the branches of plum blossom gradually become bare and ugly.

Look, you can’t imagine how beautiful the ugly plum blossom is.

Now, the plum tree was transplanted by my father to the edge of the vegetable field. Every day, I open the garden door to see the plum tree.

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