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Big Tiger Enamel Lapel Pins

Big Tiger Enamel Lapel Pins

Will the big tiger enamel pins be a toy for children?  Buy tiger enamel lapel pins no minimum order.

When I was about three years old, I went to play by bus, and I didn’t know what to do there, except that it was called West Lake.

Never seen such a beautiful scenery, I stared out all the way. Suddenly, it was all dark. What’s the matter? Did the beautiful scenery just be eaten by this black thing? Oh! It’s terrible! I quickly asked my mother, “Mom, Mom, why is it dark? Is it a monster or is it dark?”

It’s dark. Let’s go home. It’s dangerous to go outside!? I don’t know why, my mother and aunt laughed, and the more they laughed, the more they laughed.

I looked at my mother and aunt dully and thought I was right. They laughed so silly. Listening to their laughter, I couldn’t help laughing until it was light again.

On the way back, we passed there again. The car was driving and it was dark again. I was a little impatient, took a deep breath, tried my best, “Ha” sound, my little fist hit the front seat.

Use tiger lapel pins let kits know what is it.

Mother was shocked and asked me what I was doing. My answer is, “I’m beating a tiger! Aren’t we in the belly of a tiger?”“

I said this, but also caused mother’s laughter, and can not stop. Regardless of my mother, I fought desperately there until I saw the original scenery. I proudly said to my mother, “Look, the tiger is hurt by me and spits us out.” Mom laughed and praised me: “Good! Good!”

Mother made a big tiger enamel pins as my birthday gift, so that I know that tigers can have different postures.

Back home, I still remember that. I thought: Wow! That tiger is really big. It has a mouth as big as a mountain. It’s also incredibly tall and has big green trees on its back. Really free. It’s where it wants to be and where it wants to eat. If it hadn’t been for my great strength that the tiger hurt us, we would have been eaten by the tiger!

From then on, whenever I met it, my parents would say, “We were eaten by tigers, hit it quickly!” I would slam it.

Later, I learned that it was a tunnel. Starting with a small cognition can start with a small tiger model. Starting with tiger lapel pins is a good choice.

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