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Blooming Lotus Lapel Pins

Blooming Lotus Lapel Pins

My summer lotus badge shows the most beautiful moment of lotus. Make your custom lotus enamel pins at cheap price.

In midsummer, 100,000 lotus flowers rush to the Dragon Habitat to participate in their festivals and spread a grand dream – Wanhe Competition Show, green waves ripple, fairies dancing.

They were summoned by this spiritual water and were dressed to welcome the return of the dragon.

The person who smells the fragrance looks down and looks up at it from a 30-degree angle and pulls out all the exclamation and praise. They want to go into the lotus pond and make waves, hide under the lotus leaves and enjoy the cool, drunk in the moonlit night…

Like July’s torrential fire, August’s torrential rain.

Only dragonflies and kingfishers dare to stop on the tip of the lotus.

Only glittering drops dare to beat on Lotus leaves.

Only fish dare to ignore your existence.

Only the Buddha dared to sit on the lotus flower…

Only those who really love the lotus will dare to taste all the bitterness of the world and stay in the lotus heart.

A few words, a few poems, a few sighs, can not give you qualitative.

You are the flower, you are the lotus, you are the lotus root, you are the earth, the clear water and the spirits of this party.

Close your eyes. I want to sleep as a water lily.

I want to be like you, not afraid of temporary withering, next year to greet you with a more beautiful attitude.

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