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Cloisonne Epola Lapel Pins

Epola Lapel Pins

Our cloisonne epola lapel pins are at good price with top jewelry quality. You can learn more about the epola lapel pins from us if you want to know more. We are pleasure to show you the features of the cloisonne epola lapel pins. These also call hard enamel lapel pins.

Production Line Process

  • Die struck metal lapel pins with durable hard enamel (also call Imitation cloisonné, or epola)
  • Achieve the smooth look, the surface is high shinny and smooth flat. The feel of ancient cloisonné with lower costs, so that you can save much budget for your projects. The hard enamel lapel pins have the ability to match your custom designed colors
  • Ancient Cloisonné also available (NO PMS matching for ancient cloisonné)

Please note that not all designs can be used in this process. For most cartoon designs, we can adjust them to be hard enamel cartoon lapel pins, like the Disney lapel pins. Your custom hard enamel lapel pins colors must be spot colors with metal separating each one.  No gradients, shading or four color process.

Cloisonne epola lapel pins

Other Description of the Hard Enamel/Cloisonne/Epola lapel pins

Hard enamel pins are ostensibly the most astounding quality pins accessible. Here and there called \’epola pins\’ or even \’impersonation cloisonné\’, hard enamel pins are a dependable and sturdy decision for corporate pins, tradition pins, occasion pins, crew pins, sorority pins or political pins.

Hard enamel pins are kick the bucket struck and after that shading is connected with a little brush or needle. Pins are portrayed by thin metal lines isolating each the hues on your stick. hard enamel pins Hard enamel pins are warmed to a high temperature and afterward cleaned, making a brilliant, smooth, hard enamel wrap up. For a decorated look where you can feel the surface of the outline, select Soft Enamel pins.

Look at hard enamel and delicate enamel pins

Hard enamel cleaned pins (otherwise known as, bite the dust struck stick w/hard enamel), are one of the most astounding quality pins accessible. Hard enamel has splendid hues, metal isolated enumerating, awesome sturdiness with a cleaned smooth and hard wrap up. 2.00″ and bigger pins have two goad nails on the back, while littler pins have one.

Why select the Cloisonne Epola Lapel Pins?

For simple design, custom cloisonne epola lapel pins won\’t be lot expansive than soft enamel pins, but the quality will be more high.

Compare with soft enamel pins, the hard enamel pins are little expansive, if you need top quality pins. Not worry about the budget, hard enamel pins can be good selection.

Top surface will be jewelry shinny smooth flat. Not easy to scratch, enamel is very hard. So you can keep it for many years and won\’t fade.

The top quality hard enamel medals also very beautiful, but most medals are with big size, so make the hard enamel medals will be extremity expansive.



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