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Crossing lapel pins

Crossing Pin

When Shang Wen watched all this happening, he did not see a bronze sword lapel pin cut directly in front of Shang Wen’s chest. Then, following the strength of the cut, he fell into a big pit. Shang Wen’s eyes were full of stars and a little black. The chest is particularly stuffy and uncomfortable. Then there was a special pain in the back.

Then Shang Wen coughed a few times. Who the fuck is so immoral? At that moment, a white cavalry captain-like man, waving his sword, rushed to the woods.

Shang Wen thought so that he could only go through it by himself and return to ancient times. At this time, Shang Wencai looked around carefully. The black soldier’s costume enamel lapel pin was obviously the dress of Qin infantry. The white cavalry in the distance had a Zhao banner. I don’t know much about ancient Chinese characters, but I still know Zhao characters.

Not only the enamel lapel pins, also can make custom design embroidery patches as memory.

Oh, my God, No. Transport planes carried me to ancient times. What’s the situation? Shang Wen looked sadly at what was happening in front of him.

Crossing lapel pins

Come on, it’s important to escape. The sword did not look very well. It’s killing me. Look at the soldiers running past. Driven by an officer-like man wearing a crossing lapel pin, he began to regain some ground. And his position is not far from the white cavalry. I lie down. They ride on horses and can’t cut me off. That’s it. Shang Wen lies on the ground. Soon the cavalry rushed in. There were deafening shouts of murder in his mouth. Now I can be sure that I really went to the Warring States, not making movies. Wait till they finish. I’m sure I don’t have good fruit to eat.

According to the merit of war, the ancients were too immoral. They never stay in prisoners of war in order to gain merit. Think of this, Shang Wen himself feel that life is hanging by a thread. The back is chilly.

Take the crossing custom coins with you, will let you remember the time.

In the Warring States Period, the strongest is the State of Qin. They use the emblem of the State of Qin as a reward, and the State of Qin has a special desire for talents. I am also an expert in weapons. According to the ancient level, they can be frightened. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to survive. Eating first is a big problem. So think of it. There is no chance even to wait. Let’s go out and find the emblem of Qin State by ourselves.

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