Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Eagle Enamel Lapel Pins

Eagle Pins

We design custom eagle lapel pins at cheap wholesale price no minimum.  We wholesale the eagle pins from China factory directly. Most eagle pins are using zinc alloy material without any enamel colors.

The plating of the eagle pins can be gold, silver, antique colors.

Eagle Lapel Pin, Gold plating. Landing eagle Christian lapel pin, crafted of the finest 100% lead-free pewter, polished, and finally plated in 22kt gold. Post backing; carded; approximately 0.5″ x 1″.







A vivid lifelike Eagle lapel pin in a gleaming 14k gold finish. A soaring patriotic symbol of power and pride. This beautiful pin is 7/8 inches in size.

We also design and produce the eagle patches no minimum order.

The eagle used often in the army coins, army badges, army eagle medals.

We do the gold eagle lapel pins using zinc alloy or the cooper material.
The philadelphia eagles lapel pins can be fixed on your hat as eagle hat pins.
Silver eagle pins more shinny than the gold pins, personally I like the silver eagle pins. The american eagle pins are american eagle pins, welcome during the army and time-expired soldier. Soaring eagle lapel pins are what you like? Do you want to be a soaring eagle, wear it and express your soaring eagle heart. We wholesale the eagle lapel pins no minimum.

Eagle Design

I wear a shoulder of wind and frost in the cold wind, walking alone, like an eagle alone. The soul wears a smiling mask and stare at the front: the future is the sky in the sky, there is me in the sky, I am the eagle. A person has been lonely for so long that he has forgotten himself.

The eagle with two wings is sliding in the sky. It toured the vast majority of the eyes and lost itself in the void. It is a disregard, aloof or arrogant, or struggling forward. The cold wind that has rubbed my wings in the sky knows that it is crying.

I am searching for an irrevocable sunset, catching up with clouds, like a shepherd in my own flock. All day I am with my shadow, but, oh, the shadow is so far away that I forget myself.

My dream was not finished before sunset. Lonely crying weeping eagle, when are you no longer wandering like a lonely cloud? But nature is destined to float in this blue sea like vanity, destined to be lost.

Or, I am choosing another way to talk with God, but I am lonely for so long that I forget myself.

The sunset is coming down, and I shoulder my shoulders in the cold wind, because I know I will be alone, and night is my last myth.

The future is the sky in the sky, I am in the sky, I am the eagle!

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