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Custom Iris Enamel Lapel Pins

Custom Iris Enamel Lapel Pins

Iris symbolizes the power of the French royal family in ancient times. Later, the French also wore the brooch of iris to express light and freedom, and to symbolize national purity, dignity and openness.

Iris also means different things to different people and cultures. Some of its most common occasions for wearing iris enamel pins are in the Royal family, people of religious beliefs, people of wisdom, hope and courage. Iris is named after the Greek goddess Iris. She is the messenger of the gods. People think that rainbow is the bridge between heaven and earth. According to some accounts, the ancient Greeks believed that the rainbow was actually the elegance of the rainbow. They liked the color of the rainbow.

Some people think that these beautiful and colorful flowers are also part of the Iris’gown or the flowing veil on her skirt. Therefore, these flowers were named Rainbow Goddess and brought benefits to all things on earth.

Iris brooch is also a favorite ornament of ancient Greek women. There are also beliefs about planting purple butterflies on the tombs of deceased women because they believe they can lure the iris and lead their loved ones to heaven. These solemn flowers, as they are depicted in Egyptian palaces, also fascinate the King of Egypt.

The Egyptians are likely to be influenced by Greek mythology and use irises to symbolize their connection to heaven. In the Middle Ages, the French accepted the challenge and began to use irises as a symbol of royalty and power. In fact, it was the iris Brooch that inspired the national symbol of France, the lily. Iris is the birthflower of February, the 25th anniversary of marriage and the state flower of Tennessee in the United States.

In our ordinary life, iris may have been seen by many people, but they do not know the name, so let’s learn about it through our iris brooch.

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