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Custom Parrot Lapel Pins

Custom Parrot Lapel Pins

Parrot brooches are very common and popular decorative species. The parrots on the brooches are small in size and lively in character. The most important thing is that their physique is better, so they are easy to raise. We design and creat custom parrot lapel pins at cheap price.

Needle feathers and back feathers of parrots are usually yellow with black stripes. Their coats are bright and bright. They belong to a small variety of parrots. They have bright feathers, lively temperament, crisp calls and are easy to domesticate. The head is round with hooked beak and wax film above the beak.

The parrot’s brooch has short legs and four toes. The second and third toes are forward and the first and fourth toes are backward. It is easy for parrots to climb trees and climb objects. Primitive parrots have yellow-green body, light brown feathers on the back of head, neck, upper back and wings, yellow and black on each feather, yellow throat and face, blue-purple under cheeks, three black spots on the throat, and narrow black edges on the chest feathers. The main flying feathers are light blue; the flying feathers are grey-green with light stripes; the inside is grey with white markings; the central feathers above the tail are blue-green, black at the tip and black at the inside. So this Parrot Brooch is small and cute, with unique design.

Brooch, as one of the most popular clothing accessories, it naturally has attractions. Exquisite workmanship, improve personal quality, so many people choose Parrot Brooch reason.

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