Custom Lapel Pins

Dog Lapel Pins Wholesale Price

Dog Lapel Pins

Custom design different style dog lapel pins for your lovely dogs. You can custom create your own dog enamel pins no minimum order.  Our factory can do the small order dog pins at cheap wholesale price.  There are soft enamel and hard enamel color pins for selection.


Beagle is a hound, a hound and second (don’t ask me who I am first and second.) because he eats with a nose, so as long as he goes out, he will stick his nose on the ground and go forward like a plow. If he sniffed something, he will be a dog and a dog.

The hunthunt is not the name of the wave. Don’t look at his small size. This is a “stubborn” manifestation of the dependence on the sense of smell. It is hard to control when he runs to the target without the flameproof and towing belt. Are you sure you can stand to be broken by his finger bone? (not to frighten you, there is a real precedent)

Our beagle lapel pins are in soft enamel color, gold plating.


If you have a pointed face, you may have a BOM, a pointed mouth or a silver fox.

It is higher than bear’s ear position, bigger nose and bigger eyes. If not, it may be a VIP string.

Mao will compare the volume, occasionally partial pigmentation, mainly pure white.

In addition, adults are generally more than ten kilograms. If small bodies are smaller than bears, their feet will be shorter than bears.

We also do the custom dog patches no minimum.

You also can do the custom medals award to your lovely dogs.


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