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Lapel pins in dreams

People want the lapel pins like the same design in their dream. Perfect and fantastic like what you want.

Top quality and cheap price no minimum order, custom enamel dream lapel pins from our company.

Recently, your brain is always dizzy and dreaming.

In the dream, became a fairy who could fly through the clouds and mists and run across the world.

But they are not as free and easy as they are described in TV novels. Instead, they are chopping and killing everyday, fighting everywhere, and their faces are red with endless blood.

Dreams are becoming more and more frequent. Later, almost once Shen Liangchen closed his eyes, there would be scenes like this, which made him miserable.

Another dream full of blood and killing, Shen Liangchen\’s body suddenly shocked, suddenly opened his eyes, blooming a pair of cold eyes!

The next second, he looked around, and when he found himself sitting on a moving bus, a glee came to his face.

“The heavens of life and death indeed have the mystery of traversing time and space. My fighting immortal has really returned to the past and has come to the earth eight hundred years ago again! Successful rebirth!”

Dream Lapel Pins

What Dream Pins You Want?

Buy soft enamel dream pins, buy quality custom embroidery patches, custom medals at best price from factory directly in China.

Open your hands and look carefully. The more you look, the happier you will be.

This is the badge I want in my dream.

“This is my favorite when I was young…”

His fists slowly clenched, and the joy on his face gradually turned to coldness: “Badge, you’re back!” Custom embroidery patches, you’re back! Challenge Coins – I’ll get you!

In an instant, the memory that once could not be recalled emerged from his mind, even though it had passed 800 years, but now it still reminds me as deep as yesterday.

Six months later, on the seventh day of the lunar month, Shen Wei, the owner of the Shen family, and Liu Minjun, his wife met on the street.

One day later, on the eighth day of December, forty-eight badges were sent to them!

“This time, I will never let a bad badge appear in front of me again… Good price also needs good quality. Quality is the most important thing!

Blood began to burn all over.


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