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Elite School Badge

A hundred years of vicissitudes of life, the pin badge is no longer once a few people have the badge, but everyone can design and have a unique logo!

This time, ask this school, whose badge has my cool!

Looking out of the window, Shen Liangchen remembered that he was now on his way from Qinglan County to Yunyang City.

The purpose of this trip is twofold.

First, go to school and re-read Senior Three in an elite school to show them my badge.

Second, by the way, we should show them embroidery patches, medals and commemorative coins, so that they can have long eyes.

Does it look childish?

Elite School Badge Pins

I remember that his previous life was also on this road, and he almost hesitated to throw away the ugly badge. Which bloody man would like to do such a thing?

But now he knows his parents’good intentions.

Schools are superficial, in fact, to show off my beloved elite badge.

If his parents hadn’t forced him to pass, then he might have been stolen like the whole 48 badges.

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