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China won three championships in the final of the 2019 World Badminton Tour All England Open. Custom make and design the enamel pins for the Badminton Federation World tour.

Chen Yufei won the women’s singles championship for the first time in her career over Dai Ziying, and Chen Chen Chen/Jia Yifan reversed the victory over world champion Matsumoto/Yongyuan and Kena to win the women’s doubles championship. Zheng Shi/Huang Yaqiong won the mixed doubles final with a 2-0 revenge victory over Yongda Watanabe/Yoshino Dongye.

On the final day, the women’s doubles final was held first. Chen Morning/Jia Yifan met Matsumoto Matsumoto/Yongyuan and Kona of Japan. Chen Morning/Jia Yifan has already defeated Polly/Lahayo and Fukushima Yukio/Hiroshima on their way to the finals. Fan Dun has played Matsumoto Mayongyou/Yongyuan and Kona three times before, Chen Morning/Jia Yifan lost 1-2, and they both lost in the last two games.

A custom enamel pin can also be used to commemorate the loss.

Matsumoto Matsumoto/Yongyuan and Kena could start 5-1 after the finals, but Chen Morning/Jia Yifan quickly returned to a 6-level chase. After that, the two sides drew up many times, and after 11 draws, the Japanese combination drew up four points in a row. Although Fan Dun’s team is keeping up with each other, Matsumoto Matsumoto/Yongyuan and Keeping the lead won the first game by 21 to 18. Shortly after the start of the second set, Chen Chen Chen/Jia Yifan led 9-5, but the Japanese team equalized by four points in a row. After that, the two pairs drew many times, Matsumoto Matsumoto/Yongyuan and Keren scored three points to lead the race, and Chen Morning/Jia Yifan, who scored backward, fought tenaciously, chasing four points in a row and overtook them. After the opponent chased 19-level, Fan Dun combined with 1 point to get the game, Japan combined to resolve the game, Chen Morning/Jia Yifan unaffected even 2 points to win 22-20 to recover a game.

In the final game, Chen Morning/Jia Yifan took the lead by 6 to 0, and they switched venues by 11 to 4. Taking advantage of the opportunity to exchange venues for rest, Jia Yifan asked the doctor to come in and fix her two legs with bandages. After the edge change, the mistake of Fandun combination began to increase, Matsumoto Matsumoto/Yongyuan and Kona took the opportunity to catch up with 4 points and lagged behind by 9 to 12. Every dusty combination withstood the pressure to give back to stabilize the situation, after 14 to 11, they stepped up their offensive, a row of 6 points to 20 to 11 lead to the race point. With Chen Chenchen scoring 21-11, Chen Chenchen/Jia Yifan won the final game by 2-1. This is the first time that Chinese women’s doubles have won the all-England championship since 2015.

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