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Floral Enamel Pins

Floral Enamel Pins

We use various plants as elements to make flower-shaped brooches, which are vivid, charming and have the natural flavor of nature. Cheap Floral enamel pins at cheap price.

If you wear this plant brooch in front of the collar, you can make the monotonous neck become rich and three-dimensional, this plant brooch has many heavy colors, I love purple and blue two more. Purple is mysterious and romantic, blue is light but elegant. When you wear it, you can make ordinary people extraordinary.

In the British Royal family, from the queen to the princess, many people have worn flower brooches. When they wear them, they always keep the left chest position. This is the most classic way to wear them. It has a sense of ritual. It also looks warm and fashionable. The combination of pearls and plants is more attractive.

Brooches and necklaces, earrings and rings are jewelry of equal value. In fact, since the 1920s, it has become the favorite of every fashion person, because the brooch wear flexible, innovative and unconstrained, so that it enjoys a unique position in jewelry!

From the First Lady of the United States, to Hollywood film and television stars, to the love of beauty, we all show a passion for the brooch, a small brooch, full of human recollection of beauty. Let our life become more and more romantic and magical!

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