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Flying saucer Badge

Flying saucer Badge

UFO is a kind of UFO, which is not confirmed. Is the flying saucer the theme of the badge very mysterious? Custom lapel pins no minimum order.

Unidentified flying object (UFO). It refers to objects of unknown origin, nature, floating or flying in the sky. UFO phenomena can be divided into four categories: mistaken recognition of known natural phenomena, unknown natural phenomena and unknown natural organisms. The fourth category refers to the unknown and high-performance aircraft manufactured by the Air Force, i.e. some experimental disc aircraft that the Air Force has not disclosed.

Therefore, UFOs and alien flying objects cannot be equated. UFO: Spacecraft from other planets, and UFO has a much wider range. In the 1940s, a disc aircraft was discovered over the United States. Newspapers at that time called it an “elliptical emitter”, which was the beginning of contemporary interest in UFOs. Later, people collected information about UFOs, badges, photographs and so on.

There are many reports of UFOs around the world, but so far no evidence has been found that can make the scientific community generally accept that they come from extraterrestrial civilizations. The term UFO came from the Air Force’s Blue Book Project, which was first led by Captain Edward Rupert, who formally invented the term UFO, replacing the inaccurate and suggestive term UFO.

UFO can be caused by many reasons, according to different reasons, the observed phenomena are also various, but people pay more attention to the UFO phenomenon which may be caused by high civilization outside the earth, so like mysterious science, take our flying saucer badge!

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