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Food Writer’s Enamel Pins

Food Writer’s Enamel Pins

My two favorite badges are the second gourmet writer and the fourth engagement lady badge.

In my opinion, they are representatives of two kinds of female lapel pins. Make food enamel lapel pins at wholesale cheap price.

One is self-desire but restrained, afraid to express themselves.

Like a badge, a boy returning from a trip complains that even a postcard with beautiful scenery was not sent to her.

The boy was obsessed with the fact that the woman had nothing to say to him after she knew she was going to travel.

This made him wonder about the relationship’s positioning.

The hostess can’t see clearly that the boy is also a shy man. Even though they are progressing a lot faster than the others, she just feels that she can’t catch a night of lingering to express something to the hostess.

Even though the words still showed that the woman felt that the man was guilty of her, but she was also hindered by face or what did not say what the man wanted to retain his words.

In their own sensitivity, do not forget the boys.

Somehow, the man is also lovable and patient, and successfully recovered his sister.

The second one is the woman in the fourth badge, whose wedding date is set in autumn, but she has to take time to meet her old lover in private.

This is the sister who is loyal to her needs. You need to use your badge to lock her heart.

What you said seemed like a joke but scratched the hearts of people itching, so that at first a serious old lover is also broken the line of defense, and finally can not help but want to talk with such a lovely child, but also a lovely temper, you refused me before, it was after I saw you slap me, throw a sugar out, I am clever. Ha-ha-ha, is temperament.

A small badge is also a stage. In fact, sometimes, the design of some subtractions, not necessarily the story is not good, on the contrary, it is somewhat skilful.

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