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Let’s listen to the history of football with football badges. Our football enamel pins are with custom design at cheap price. We also make the custom design football enamel coins.

Modern football originated in England. Legend has it that there was a war between England and Denmark in the 11th century. After the war, the Englishmen found a Danish invader’s skull and a stone badge. Out of resentment, they kicked the skull with their feet. A group of children kicked the skull when they saw it. However, they found that the skull kicked and the foot ached, so they blew gas with their bovine bladder. Instead of it, the earliest modern football was born.

At the beginning of the twelfth century, football began to play in England. Competitions are recreational activities, held twice a year, usually between two cities. The host with the Football Badge throws the ball in the air and the game starts. Both sides will rush up, shout, kick and hug, which side can kick the ball into the other side’s downtown area, which side will win. If the ball enters the residential house halfway, people rush in and kick in disorderly, often smashing the things in the house to pieces, and the owner has to lament his bad luck. Pedestrians on the road will suffer a tragic accident when they encounter the ball rolling. So at that time, when the game came, people had to avoid disasters and close their doors until the end of the game before returning to normal.

This kind of football match lasted for many years, and then was strongly opposed by the public. The English government issued a ban on football matches to be played in the open space. Those who entered the downtown area were heavily punished, so a special football stadium appeared. By the early 19th century, football was quite popular in some European and Latin American countries, especially in England.

So to this day, football has become a well-known sport, adults and children have their own favorite badges, take to participate in various game activities.

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