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Forest protection Enamel Lapel Pins

Forest protection Enamel Lapel Pins

We need to protect the forest. Let’s design a badge to protect the forest.

The badge needs to be carefully conceived from language to action. Today I just want to know more about the use of our badge from the lack of legal concept.

The core of this badge is that Boss Li got the approval from the relevant departments to cut down trees, so he hired bareheaded to cut down trees, and sometimes made some forest frogs, canaries and other protective animals. Thus, the interests of Xiong Daxiong II and King Jiji were damaged.

So the legal issue in this badge comes. Is it lawful for Bear Bear II to prevent bareheaded trees from being cut down, even to destroy his property (tree cutting tools and vehicles)? Is it legal to use bareheaded guns to drive off bears?

The latter problem is clear at a glance. Bareheaded people have no right to use violence to expel bears. The former problem is often misunderstood. Bears seem to be protecting forests. In fact, they have damaged the logging rights of skinhead and owner Li.

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The reason why people are misunderstood is that in reality, people generally believe that people who have obtained the right to land development are mostly obtained by illegal means, which damages the rights and interests of land residents or destroys the environment. So naturally, bald heads are bad guys and bears are good guys. Incidentally, the emblem of catching wildlife has been inserted.

However, rational analysis will show that bear’s right object of rights protection is by no means bald-headed.

It’s not Boss Li, but the Department concerned.

This leads to another problem. In reality, the channels for people to discuss the law with the relevant departments are not smooth.

It’s almost impossible to win. As a result, a legal relationship has been formed that knows or does not know such land development issues.

They also avoid the legitimacy of the transfer of development rights by relevant departments and the legitimacy of developers’acquisition of development rights from relevant departments, and directly form the opposition with developers.

The badge’s hard wound is wrapped in an environmentally friendly coat and wrapped in illegal acts after bullying (bareheaded) and fear of hardening (relevant departments). But if you don’t show it to your children, you can also smile. This film reflects the illegal reality and the helplessness of defending rights in the process of land development. Make a craft advertisement with our forest protection lapel pins.

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