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Four Dialogues about Love Enamel Pins

Four Dialogues about Love Enamel Pins

On the oval wooden table, in the glass with clear water, the unknown badge lies quietly…

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This series of badges can be enjoyed as four short films (one-act play). The badges are plain, old-fashioned and unrelated. They tell us about love. They are not enough to support the whole film. They are even difficult to bear. Personally, it is exquisite and aesthetic enough.

A coffee shop, a round table, two chairs, four sets of badges. In order to avoid the visual fatigue caused by the monotony of the scene limitation, the shooting method is changed from the near-range perspective, the close-up of characters and still life is changed, and the subtle changes are displayed. Four badges seem to occur one day, from morning to evening, from sunny to rainy, and then to rain, from the table to talk about calm separation…

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