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George Washington Enamel Pins

George Washington Enamel Pins

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George Washington.

George Washington’s family is the descendant of an ancient British family.

On February 22, 1732, George Washington, the best member of the family,

Born in the old house of Bridges Creek Manor, Westmoreland, Virginia, in the British North American colony.

His great-grandfather, John Washington, moved from England to North America in 1685 and served as a local military commander.

His father, Augustine Washington, studied in Britain in his early years. He used to sail, run factories and run iron mines.

Later, he devoted himself to the growing plantations. Augustine lost his wife in middle age and remarried the daughter of a colonel, Mary Bauer.

George Washington was born to Mary, the oldest of his four brothers.


The George Washington enamel pins needs to contain different elements. Not only the Washington badge, but also the Washington commemorative coin, or the metal money clips with the Washington logo.

Shortly after George was born, his father moved to a manor in Stafford County opposite Fredericksburg. Here George spent his childhood.

From the age of 7 to 15, George Washington did not go to school very often and only received a preliminary education in the “old school”.

He was not a clever, clever student who gave the impression that he was slow-minded, but diligent, interested in mathematics and history. George was also at home inspired intellectually and morally by his well-educated father.

In short, Washington had no systematic education, but had a good family education as a teenager. He acquired knowledge by observing society and life for a long time, experiencing practice and deep thinking.

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