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Ginkgo Leaf Enamel Pins

Ginkgo Leaf Enamel Pins

Ginkgo biloba leaves falling, is a return to life. The calmness and tranquility of fallen leaves are shocking. The leaves fall, the soul is still there, and the Ginkgo leaf badge is still there. Ginkgo Leaf Enamel Pins No minimum order.

It is said that the seeds of some ancient ginkgo trees were brought by the ancestors of a villager in Jiangdong Village, China, from the remote native land of the Central Plains. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty established Yongchang County, the most remote county in China at that time, and moved a large number of Han people in Central Plains. Residents accompanied by Ginkgo biloba are carrying seeds of Ginkgo biloba along the way of migration. They are hung with leaves of Ginkgo biloba trees, just like the badges of today. They are then sown in front of and behind the new homes and carefully cultivated and guarded. Year after year, finally formed today’s forest-dyed wonders.

Entering the straight path covered with ginkgo leaves and paved with volcanic rocks, you can see the village slowly covered with gold. A golden land, full of brilliant eyes. Walking in the quiet and leisurely villages, and looking at the leaves of the courtyard with affection, the heart can not help but flood with joy.

When autumn comes, the green leaves of ginkgo trees will turn golden, and they will be like butterflies flying out of the garden. Is it not like a dancing golden butterfly that the leaves of Ginkgo biloba swaying down in the golden light of the trees? Hover in the air, sometimes fly to the sky, sometimes fall to the ground. With the badge, he walked into a courtyard, covered with tables and chairs with thick ginkgo leaves, which were integrated with the color of Ginkgo and smelled of soil and plants.

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