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Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

What is hard enamel?

Hard enamel pins (otherwise called cloisonné pins) are the best quality pins accessible. Custom hard enamel pins are the top of the line decision when you need pins that are extravagant, bright and sturdy with a cleaned wrap up. Hard enamel pins (otherwise called cloisonné pins) are first bite the dust hit with a plan leaving raised and recessed zones. Enamel paint is filled into the recessed territories, hardened by warm at high temperatures, and after that finished smooth. Each shading zone is encompassed by a thin metal line that keeps the enamel in its spot, yet the whole stick surface will be smooth and hard, dissimilar to delicate enamel in which you can feel the thin metal lines. You have incredible adaptability with outline and custom shapes, and you can coordinate hues as per the full range of Pantone/PMS hues. PinProsPlus is an enamel stick producer that knows the intricate details of stick making and can manage you to settle on the best choices.

The features of it

Key Features: Smooth polished complete without the requirement for epoxy varnish. 20% thicker than other kick the bucket struck pins.

Best uses: When you need the best! Corporate Identity, Anniversary Pins and Service Pins.

How to make custom hard enamel pins?

Hard enamel pins are an awesome contrasting option to our cloisonné pins. We make our hard enamel pins with a procedure called PMS coordinating. This new technique for stick making gives all of you the hues and splendor of a Cloisonné stick, yet they can be utilized as a part of more ways. Our hard enamel pins are the most solid of our completed pins. They’re likewise the most sought after decision for custom lapel pins because of their eye-getting magnificence and brilliant hues. Note that the metal and enamel hues are on a similar level.


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