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Heart-beating Badge

Heart-beating Badge

Under the same roof, under the same family, under the same school, the same class, the first hug, the first guardianship, the first tears, sudden heartbeat. Our badge tells the story of a group of teenagers and girls who are ignorant of youth. Make custom design soft enamel pins.

The heart-beating badge represents the youth’s astringency and ignorance. It reminds us of the madness and impulse of our youth, the years we passed with a group of “madmen”, and the best years of our life.

Some people’s youth may not be happy, but youth is not so come along? It’s magnificent and unforgettable. Every time I recall the fighting at that time, I can also giggle. I think every character’s badge is great! Characters have a contradictory performance to give you not a single feeling, people themselves are complex, there is no absolute good or bad, see your comments, suddenly feel that the roles of Dickey and Baiquan are also a little lively?

Young boys and girls live under the same roof, experience youth ignorance and growing troubles together, encourage each other and grow love gradually. The super-popular girl with a warm painting style, tastes the budding pure love of youth throbbing. Does this set of badges make you feel heartbeat?

In our badge, you can see that you can not hold back the youth, foolish desire, inadvertently full of vinegar, anxiety, misunderstanding, sweetness, tacit understanding, coincidence, even when you think of the heartbeat.

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