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Hit the tiger enamel pins

Hit the tiger enamel pins

Take your enamel pins. Ha-ha, hit you! Come down! What are you doing in the tour? Tell you, we are playing the game of “playing tiger”. Use the tiger enamel pins as the game chips.  We can design it and create the tiger soft enamel pins at cheap price.

The physical education class began. The physical education teacher led us to the playground and announced that we would play the game of “playing tiger” in this physical education class.

The sports teacher first told us the rules of the game: “The students are divided into two groups, one is the tiger, the other is the hunter.

Choose the leaders of the two teams,’Hunter’in a circle, surround the’tiger’ and attack the’tiger’with the’weapon’ – ball.

They can use both hands and feet, and use weapons. Tigers hit by weapons must leave the court and not give up. I was lucky to be chosen as the leader.

To play tiger games, we need to design the following badges as game chips.

Weapon badge, tiger badge, score badge, Hunter badge.

Win All the enamel pins

The game started, I put on a very funny shape, while they laughed, I ordered Xie Xiangwen to throw out his “weapon” in his hand, only listen to the “beep” sound, the earth bounced on the ground, and then shot at Chen Lijuan. Chen Lijuan saw the ball flying towards her, hurried to the left, and their veteran general, Gong Ping, was our “weapon” before flying back to God. ” It hit. This time I decided to get out of the horse. I pretended to attack Chen Lijuan first. When they all focused on Chen Lijuan, I came to a positioning attack and quickly attacked Wang Quanqing. Before he could recover, he was hit by me. When I was about to order a third attack, I found that their vigilance had increased. I ordered Xie Yuwen to cooperate with me and attack Chen Lijuan on both sides. By the way, Chen Yiqun was ordered to attack other “tigers”. Xie Yuwen rushed to Chen Lijuan and waved his “weapons”. I acted as I saw the opportunity and rushed to Chen Lijuan’s back to launch a fierce attack. Chen Lijuan dodged and was beaten to pieces. At this time, Chen Yiqun launched an attack and hit the remaining “tiger” at once. Winning all the chips is the ultimate success.

Anyway, we defeated the fierce “tiger” with less than more. At the end of the game, I thought: Tigers are fierce, but they can’t compete with good hunters. If the game is fun, it should be polished with custom enamel pins.

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