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Inspiration from Bear and Bear Enamel Pins

Inspiration from Bear and Bear Enamel Pins

In order to better educate children, we designed bear enamel lapel pins to guide children’s behavior. Our bear enamel lapel pins no minimum order and at cheap price.

The idea of bear badge comes from the presence of bears.

This kind of thing is defined as educational animation, but why copy cats and mice and add so-called script laughter plot which has nothing to do with the content of the plot and is contrary to the positive educational significance?

In the plot, there are too many negative trash stories in the positive content.

Regardless of the plot, the dangerous use of dangerous weapons, such as guns or chainsaws, is not conducive to children’s education.

In animation, the confrontation between human beings and animals is always solved by violence. Does it make children think that only violence can solve the problem?

So we need to avoid these violent factors when designing bear badges.

Besides, the image of the protagonist bear in the animation was meant to prevent the robbers from cutting trees barefoot and arbitrarily.

The positive role of telling people not to deforest.

Why is it that we always play the negative image of unreasonable trouble/theft/bullying?

There are also skinheads in the animation design was originally designed to be the negative image of the pirates.

But why do so many stories show that he is a regular woodcutter, and often he is faced with the bear’s unreasonable choice to tolerate or even be bullied.

The plot rubbish runs counter to positive education.

For example, Xiong Er often steals bareheaded things for food. Xiong Da does not stop but helps.

Isn’t it okay to abet children to steal?

The bears often bully and tease the bears when they are skinheaded and do not cut down trees.

Doesn’t it make the child understand that I’m stronger than you and I can make fun of you?

The badge of design failure is naked bullying.

Bad bear badges always make all kinds of mistakes, which will make Bears teach them indiscriminately to be bald-headed.

This kind of impulsive violence self-righteous character, if children think it is correct, learn how to do. Children are naturally active and vulnerable to anything. If you look at this kind of garbage, you can learn well.

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