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Interesting story lapel pins kill millions of years of boredom

Interesting story lapel pins kill millions of years of boredom

It’s boring. Design  interesting story enamel pins. If I were God, what would I do? Of course, watch movies every day.

That’s what I thought of when I watched this movie. Previously, I knew that some people were discussing a question, the myth of the existence of super intelligence, what kind of state it would be, what kind of questions they would think about. In fact, since they live outside of time, how can they think about problems? Even if they have problems, they have already finished thinking about them. Like Marvin in the Galaxy Roaming Guide.

So their only way is to design your own story jane. “Put infinite life into infinite stories”. Why? Anyway, it’s boring.

With the ubiquitous and undetectable existence, with the mood of being able to dominate everything, but not bothered to intervene, God will appear on any occasion, at any time, at anyone’s side, like watching a play, and appreciate everything.

“Table” is such a story, a coffee shop table, four groups of dialogue, formed a film. It seems a little embarrassing, but there is no big conflict, it seems that the waves are not alarming, but it is always emotional.

Inside the story badge, a man and a woman were original lovers, but the woman became a star, and the man was still a small company clerk.

So, this meeting, the woman originally wanted to review those ordinary beautiful (after all, there are stars around, whether it is true love or gossip are tired).

But the man just wants to find some “show-off capital” (because his colleagues don’t believe that he has filmed with the stars). Men also want to meet in the future, women’s psychology may be a million “repentant intestines are green”. Of course, this is my first insight. It is believed that other people can comprehend all kinds of messy things through their dialogue.

As for your further study, you can also explore the subtle “status” and “relationship” between people in the story badge.

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