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Is it really worth collecting such beautiful custom pins?

Is it really worth collecting such beautiful custom pins?

There are many interesting badges in the world, some because of the plot twists and turns, some because of the beautiful design language, and some because of the deep and moving connotation of the badge, but one sister has recently been attracted by a series of lines of men and women in the soft enamel lapel pins.

Well, it’s not about how beautiful the words in the badge are, it’s about how realistic and heartfelt the designer’s words are.

It’s just a straight story line. It not only guides the story, but also makes users feel the emotional changes of the heroes and heroines in the story.

In addition to the heartbreaking lines in the badge, there are also collections that we can’t wait to buy.

The emblem tells four stories, one of which is the style of painting.

In this way.

And so on.

Any screenshot is beautiful and can be used as our mobile screen saver.

But Guangmei, obviously, is not the director’s main appeal. At the same time, the director also tells us the story of four women.

Sister One said that, do you have a single cycle in your mind, Chen Yixun’s “Long time no see”. It is also true that a couple who once loved each other deeply will inevitably encounter a little embarrassment that they haven’t seen for a long time, but their hearts are filled with more small fortune that they have met again.

For big stars (Zheng Youmei Decoration), it’s really exciting to see their lover again. When she removed her masks and sunglasses to hide her ears, the joy and laughter in her eyes could not be obscured in any way.

At this time, even if she is a big star, she obviously wants to be treated as an ordinary person by her former lover.

But apparently, in the eyes of his former lover, although he never forgot Zheng Youmei’s love, his inner feelings are more nurtured by the vanity and pride of his lover as a star.

So, in the next design, men completely ignore women’s feelings, from peach-colored gossip badge to cosmetic storm badge, all one by one show to women.

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