Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins Canada wholesale

Lapel pins Canada wholesale

We wholesale the lapel pins to Canada, at cheap price, from China factory. You no need to pay additional cost to your mid man, and we wholesale custom lapel pins, no minimum order, 100% quality guaranteed.

How to buy custom lapel pins from China factory, in Canada?

Just email us your requirements about the lapel pins. Certainly you also need to let us know, how many pins, what size, what style pins you want.

Normally size is 1-2 inch, enamel styles: soft enamel, hard enamel, print pins. You can order from 10-10000pcs, any quantity you want.

Do we need to pay additional cost for the custom lapel pins from China to Canada?

For small order, you no need to pay additional cost, for large order you also only need to pay little custom tax.

What is small order? less than 3000 pcs, for the custom, it is small order.

What is large order? More than 50000 pcs, for the custom, it is big order.

What is your delivery time?

  1. Production time is 7-12days.
  2. Shipping time is 3days.

for rush order, we can finish it in 7days. Normal order is 12days.

We also provide other lapel pins for the Clients, like hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins, print lapel pins, custom lapel pins, and small order custom design lapel pins.




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