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Long Farewell Meet Enamel Pins

Long Farewell Meet Enamel Pins

At first, women would explain the changes in the badge to men with a smile. Meet you, meet your own enamel lapel pins.

“My nose is the same as the nose I used to associate with you. I haven’t done it before.” “Don’t believe that rumor. It’s all fake.” But the smile on the woman’s face finally disappeared when the man deliberately threw the badge of revealing women’s privacy one by one with an ignorant attitude over and over again.

When a man asks a woman a question, he is obviously not asking as a former lover, he is not even asking as an ordinary friend. In the open and in the dark, the contents of the badges he cares about are all the satisfaction that the gossip brings to his vanity and prying desire.

When a man talks to a woman, he always has an ambiguous and pleasant smile on his face, but it becomes more and more hypocritical and hateful as the man becomes more and more acute.

Yes! Chen Yixun’s song “I will greet you with a smiling face, just want to say a long time no see” is deceiving. Past lover, when we meet again, sometimes even a polite remark may not exist.

Across the table, we can see a woman, from a smile on her face when she enters the door to an apathy when she leaves. This emotional change is actually that we find time changes and great emotional differences in the vicissitudes of life. But the badge you love will never change. It records every bit of your life.

Of course, the badge also tells the story of a young man and a young man who suddenly went away for half a year after a one-night stand. They always wanted to “pinch” the woman, but they started the story of the poor, and the story of a woman who abandoned her poor boyfriend and turned to the rich second generation, but was ready to derail before marriage.

This story is embodied in the badge, which beats between different enamel colors.

We caught it in conversation. Or sweet, or sour, or sad, or happy, seemingly unexpected,

In fact, it conveys to us different interpretations of love at different stages of life.

Through the surface of epoxy, although there are always unhappy and regretful pictures, but love and life, but it is worth our careful taste.

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