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Lotus Enamel Pins

Lotus Enamel Pins

On the wall of my study, there is an oil painting: “Lotus” and a lotus badge. Make your custom lotus enamel pins at cheap price.

The emblem was designed according to the lotus oil painting.

The painter concealed the sunshine, the blue sky and the white clouds.

Hidden the lotus stem, lotus root, lotus root, water, fish, dragonflies, all the people.

Only deep shallow flowing green, only a budding lotus, bright, graceful, pure.

My insignia is that true enamel will not fade, she will not fade, she emits fragrance in my study day and night.

In the dead of night, I will give up the whole world for this lotus flower.

But when it comes to lotus, I’m always careful.

Too many people are intoxicated with the graceful style of lotus, too many people sigh at the time when the lotus is withered and thin.

Because of the lotus, how many people became poets.

Lotus blossoms, how many poets have become vulgar since then.

The story about the lotus emblem is quietly circulating – Cuilian, Fuliao, Furong, Yuzhi, Shuihua, Shuiyu, Yuhuan… They are hidden lotuses. They are looking for their love in the red dust.

They always accidentally went into the Book of Songs, went to Xuan Paper, lived in porcelain paintings, so that infatuated lover, henceforth not to sing the green cover red makeup, not to listen to the sound of residual lotus rain.

And the lotus is still beautiful year by year, calmly aging year by year. Leave a Peng lotus seed, let people clear their hearts and go to the fire; leave a cut-off lotus root, let people quietly savor.

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