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Magic Badge

On a badge that cannot be seen through the naked eye, the badge in hand is like a spiritual object. Its cells, blood, meridians, at the same time began to produce subtle activities, although weak, but little by little affect your mood.

An hour later, the car arrived, walked out of the station, took out his mobile phone and called Luo Changfeng, the owner of the Luo family, to ask how to get to his home by car.

Of course, the rebirth badge is different, but now he is playing the feeling of not knowing, so there are some questions to mention, lest people feel the difference of the magic badge.

Luo Changfeng was stunned when he received the call. He was the owner of the badge company and was busy.

I have great respect for Luo Changfeng, the emblem owner who has blessed himself in his previous life, even for his rebuilding grace.

It doesn’t matter if you say it’s OK. Then you ask him for the design draft and say you’d better take a taxi.

Luo Changfeng had to promise to talk about the magic badge again at dinner.

Hang up the phone, Shen Liangchen did not go to find out what to rent, but stood in place waiting for something.

Soon, a black SUV stopped in front of him, the window rolled down, and there sat two short-haired teenagers of 178. The short-haired teenager in the driver\’s seat looked at him with a smile and said, “Are you Shen Liangchen? Louie, let\’s pick you up.”

Sure enough, it’s still here.

Magic Enamel Lapel Badge

Keep eyes on the magic badge

At that time, I was simply deceived by the appearance of their hypocritical badge. The quality is too bad. There is no way to use it at all. The same poor quality embroidery badge has not yet been made.

But this time, he won\’t be fooled again.

Talking a few more sentences, two teenagers introduced themselves, short-haired Huang Feng, thin and tall Chen Jie. They were both classmates and friends of Luoyi School. They greeted the car enthusiastically, then stepped on the accelerator, and the car started.

Looking through the rearview mirror at the magic badge in front of his chest, the corners of his mouth showed a trace of malicious laughter.

It looked like a jackal seeing a lamb to be slaughtered, full of excitement and eagerness to try.

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