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Material custom pins of love

Material custom pins of love

The love custom pin is on the left and the material badge is on the right.

Gold worshippers who are preparing for their marriage have an appointment with an empty ex-boyfriend. I don’t want to describe this badge too much. It’s realistic and cruel. Make custom cheap material lapel pins no minimum order.

There is no doubt that the woman loves the man. She repeatedly cares about the man’s body and repeatedly proposes to engage in extramarital affairs with the man, but the man refuses to do so.

The man wants the woman to live a good life. Now that he has made a choice, he should not look back.

The man loved the woman very much. He dreamed that they slept together, walked together and lived together. When he proposed to send the woman to the car, he was refused.

The woman apparently chose the latter relentlessly between love and material badges.

Previous temptations were only a remedy for her own insecurity, and she was doomed not to share the joys and sorrows of a man.

“Why are people’s hearts and paths different?”

“I didn’t make the choice of a badge. I just had no way out.”

Love badges are short and beautiful in spring, hot and irritable in summer, quiet and sincere in autumn, bleak and heartless in winter.

I hope there will be less regret in the tunnel of time, so that the badge can record all the good and bitter.

Now that we have made a choice, we should not look back. It’s better to miss each other than to meet each other. Goodbye is forever.

I wish you happiness, and be yourself, have your own unique life, unique life badge.

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