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Personal head Lapel Pins

Today, I would like to share with you a group of personality badges of Chao Meng. Animation, is now very popular with many young people to see, our designers will all kinds of animation characters, can be vividly displayed in the custom enamel pins.

Our hero alliance badge, good-looking and domineering, will all kinds of characters, colors, shapes are concentrated in the animation badge, so domineering badge you do not want to be difficult to support? Should everyone who loves the heroic alliance choose a persona head for himself to make up for his vacancy? Then our animation creators will make all kinds of animation characters into cartoon character badges, or LOL head badges, I hope you will like it.

This character theme adds more new elements, the round alloy badge body itself has been full of dynamic, and a week of vivid scrolls, but also deepened the overall dynamic badge, character image design, a look, a set of clothes, an action, let this animated character full of beauty and pleasure.

We think that too complex design, but will let the character in the process of wearing, without spirituality, simply a simple and refreshing design. A character under the blue sky and white clouds, every move and try seems so full of vitality, easily put you into the animation story, this feeling is also appropriate and familiar with it.

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