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Phoenix Enamel Badges

Phoenix Enamel Badges

I hope I can become a phoenix and have a phoenix badge. The quality phoenix enamel lapel pins no minimum order.

Not because the Phoenix is beautiful and noble, but because it can be reborn in the fire!

Someone once said: You did not see the world clearly, but said that the world deceived you. Oh, I didn’t see the world clearly. Phoenix badge takes you to see the world.

When we knew we were going to be locked up in this high-level prison for more than two weeks, I was speechless, my deskmate was silent, and the front desk broke out.

The front desk face of indignation, and this indignation was born by the teacher back.

But the silent battle is still going on. I hold my Phoenix badge and feel infinite power.

Finally, together with us, four people were called out of the classroom.

They say they are depressed and want to sing and run. So, like a group of madmen, we go to nobody’s corner to shout when others study by ourselves.

We sang: Because of love, love… Sing: Go east of the river, the waves wash out… But who knows how sad it is? I seem to have seen the victims of the college entrance examination system, four sad people who are overwhelmed by learning.

At this time, tired body and mind, I imagine more like the Phoenix badge, burning ashes in the fire, and then starting a new life.

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