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Phoenix Hill Enamel Pins

Phoenix Hill Enamel Pins

To design a Fenghuangshan badge, we need to know about it first. Make your custom design phoenix hill enamel lapel pins at cheap price.

Mount Phoenix lies to the north of Yunhe County.

It is like a flying phoenix, so it is named Phoenix Mountain.

The Phoenix Mountains emblem not only has a pleasant name, but also has a more beautiful scenery.

The scenery is picturesque all year round. Spring has come, hibernating trees gradually drilled out the tender buds, in the warm ocean sun, the mountains are full of all kinds of flowers, colorful, rivalry, beautiful.

At this time, Fenghuang Mountain looks like wearing colorful clothes.

Summer is coming. The trees on the mountain are very lush and lush. Phoenix Mountain is like wearing a military uniform.

Like a brave soldier. There is also a man-made lake on the mountain. The lake is green and green like a big bright mirror, reflecting the blue sky, white clouds and Jiuqu Bridge.

At night, when the cool wind blows, it becomes a good place for people to cool off and take a walk.

Autumn is coming, gusts of autumn wind blowing, leaves flying in the sky, like fairies dancing in the air, gently falling to the ground, as if to put a golden dress on Phoenix Mountain.

When winter comes, the artificial lake in the early morning rises with a wisp of white smoke, and it is dim, like a shy girl brushing her sleeve and covering her face. When it snowed heavily in the sky, Phoenix Mountain was covered in a silver suit.

I love my hometown, and I love the Phoenix Hill badge of my hometown more.

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