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Phoenix Square Lapel Pins

Phoenix Square Lapel Pins

My emblem of Phoenix Square, designed in Ezhou, is located in the southeastern part of Hubei Province, which is well-known far and near. It is a relatively beautiful small city. The custom design phoenix square lapel pins at wholesale price.

There are many beautiful scenic spots in Ezhou City, such as Phoenix Square, Lianhua Mountain, Liangzi Lake, etc.
But the most distinctive feature of our hometown is the colorful emblem of Phoenix Square.
When you get the emblem of Phoenix Square, the first thing you see is the wide asphalt road on both sides.
In the middle are the green pines and cypresses on the road and the verdant vegetation.
The emerald green color shines brightly in our eyes. It seems that every green leaf has a new life trembling.
At the end of the asphalt road, you can see a very low bridge crossing the bridge.
It’s a very big pavilion with columns engraved with famous ancient poems and hard stone chairs.
Outside the balustrade of the pavilion is the green Yanglan Lake. There are silver carp and crucian carp in the lake. If you look at the view of the lake from the pavilion, it’s a really relaxing badge.

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