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Phoenix Tree Enamel Badges

Phoenix Tree Enamel Badges

Make the phoenix tree of our campus into a badge. Make your custom design phoenix tree enamel lapel pins at cheap price.

To the east of our campus teaching building, there is a tall and tall Phoenix tree. It is six stories high and its trunk is very thick. It needs five or six children to embrace it, and it is very beautiful all the year round.

Inside the Phoenix Tree badge are the Phoenix Trees of different periods.

In spring, the new leaves of the Phoenix tree are oval, with a small sharp corner protruding from the front, about the size of melon seeds. The front of the leaves is green and shiny, as if they were covered with a thin layer of wax on the verdant green leaves. It feels slightly smooth. The back of the leaves is light green and a little rough.

In summer, the Phoenix Tree began to blossom red flowers, clusters of flowers, looking like a small fireball in the distance; sometimes, the momentum is extraordinary, like a huge fire phoenix; the flowers and green leaves of the Phoenix Tree, like a large open umbrella.

In autumn, the leaves of the Phoenix tree began to turn yellow. A gust of wind blew over, and yellow leaves and safflower fell with the wind, like a group of butterflies flying.

In winter, there are only bare trunks and branches left on the Phoenix Tree. Even so, the Phoenix Tree is still like a powerful guard, holding its post to protect us, and like a kind old man, listening to us read the text loudly and attentively. Ah, why don’t people love such a beautiful Phoenix tree?

I love the Phoenix Tree on our campus. I love our campus Phoenix Tree badge.

How beautiful the Phoenix flower badge is!

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