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Pine Enamel Lapel Pins

Pine Pins

Make a special one for you. Bring a green pine badge on your chest to make you full of passion and vitality.

We have a long way to go in the future, trying to be the best of ourselves, although life is very tired, but with my pine badge accompanying you, any difficulties will bow to you, while the time is right, while the breeze is not dry, go out more, see different scenery, contact different people and things, you will find that your troubles originally. It’s so insignificant. You will be as tall and meaningful as the pine, with the pine badge, time will bring the most correct person to your side. And all you have to do is strive to make yourself better.

Dark green enamel filled in the pine enamel lapel pins. Cut out the pine shape, add white snow on the pine make it more power. And won’t yield to stubbornness.

Not only the pine pins, make the pine patches using custom design, also welcome.  Award pine medals to the hard work staff, no minimum order limited.

Pine Enamel Lapel Pins

A pink badge on your chest will make you brilliant all day. No matter what season you are wearing it, it will always be lush and vigorous. Whether men or women wear it, it will make you very strong every day, and your career will be smooth. Your broad mind will leave me a small position, a green badge. Let’s run together.

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