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Pisces Brooch

Pisces Brooch

Pisces in the brooch is born February 19 – March 20 in the twelfth house of the zodiac, east of Aquarius and west of Aries. The Guardian planets are Jupiter and Neptune. The representative color is sea blue. Custom lapel pins no minimum order.

Pisces’human nature is gentle and easy to get along with. Pisces woman has an irresistible and strange charm. This is a romantic and fantastic person, full of hope for life, but lack of resilience, so Pisces women need protection very much. Pisces women like others to arrange everything for themselves. Most of the women in this constellation are like naive girls, hoping to have their own constellation brooch, which can bring good luck.

Pisces men have a sense of mystery, but also some incredible, people can not know what Pisces men think or hope. Like those who are strongly influenced by Neptune in the celestial chart of their birth, this constellation is somewhat utopian. Life is often muddled through. Pisces men do not like to compromise in the face of difficulties or contradictions. They are always eager for miraculous solutions. When Pisces men are required to make decisions, Pisces men are often helpless.

Pisces men can’t stand loneliness and are instinctively attracted and influenced by groups. Everything around you will be branded in your mind, sometimes very deep. Pisces man’s thoughts sometimes fly into the world of nothingness, sometimes intoxicated with the beautiful mood of music, painting, poetry and fantasy.

Our brooch is dark blue with a Pisces sign on the bottom. There is a yellow crescent moon in the upper left corner. It’s beautiful with three English letters of Pisces at the bottom.

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