Wholesale Lapel Pins

Please refer to this design for the design enamel pins.

Please refer to this design for the design enamel pins.

In my opinion, this lapel pin is very instructive.

For a badge student party. The space of character animation conversion is nothing more than the view inside the cafe and outside the cafe window. To make custom cheap enamel pin badges no minimum order.

The story is not relevant (at least not on the bright line), but in every part, the characterization will make me feel comfortable.

It’s like an example of a student who specializes in giving us little money for production.

I can hardly control myself to draw on some of the bridge sections in my works.

The name of the film is to show where the four stories took place – by the table.

Also an important object, the flower and the badge, starts at noon and ends at night when the night is dark.

In the meantime, the story in each badge will have an empty mirror to emphasize the time of each story differently.

From the whiteness of noon to the closing of the store at night, the hero of the fourth story tore it apart, which also shows the different process of time.

But at this point in time setting, I do have some incomprehensible, for the four stories of the time arrangement has any special meaning, why do I do this, in my shallow knowledge reserve,

I still can’t get the designer’s design in this link. But in terms of time relevance, I understand that the designer may want to put the story in this coffee shop.

With the occasional landlady with no important lines, in one day, she acts as a bystander to the story in her shop. She does not intentionally pay attention to the development of the story, not to pry into each story.

The story between the emblem characters is just to do business and read books freely. A person in his own world, not being noticed by everyone, but looking on gracefully. Perhaps in such a dull, one day in their own store occurred so many stories, the woman shopkeeper is still my own indulgence in their own world, is to want to express such a small story happens every day, for the woman shopkeeper, has been seen.

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