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Plum Blossom Emblem in Bitter Cold

Plum Blossom Emblem in Bitter Cold

April showers bring May flowers.

Let’s design a bitter plum blossom lapel pins.

Mei, born from the cold; Mei, born from the broken jade spirit of snow; Mei, stand out in the cold of ice and snow, showing a vibrant posture. However, plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold. “Although plum is white without snow, snow loses a fragrance of plum blossom.” Again sharp sword, without polishing, will never shine cold light; Again fragrant plum, without bitter cold, how can you reveal fragrance in the snow-covered world?

Plum Blossom Emblem Shows You the Way

Man, isn’t it? How can we succeed without effort? How can we succeed without a blow? How can we succeed without setbacks? It is always the most diligent person who has to endure hardships, setbacks and ultimately succeeds.

For this sentence, I have experienced it personally. At the beginning of the second semester of the fifth grade, I somehow fell ill after just a few days of school. I spent most of the semester at home recovering from illness. Others were learning knowledge at school, but I had to take injections and medicines at school. When I came home from my illness in the evening, it was already late at night, exhausted, and fell asleep in bed. Nevertheless, I taught my own lessons at home, and sometimes I put them into practice where I didn’t understand them.

Plum blossom badge accompanies you to fight the pain together

Day after day, the illness is good, but also day by day near the final exam, although the classmates and teachers have given me great help, but the key and difficult teachers have already finished, but I think the homework and final exam I left behind, really not taste, and then gritted my teeth and persisted.

Finally, the final exam has arrived. Somehow, I had some expectations for the final exam, which I was afraid of not being able to do before. But I still have 19 buckets to draw water in my heart – seven ups and eight downs. When the papers are sent out, I will do them one by one and check them together.

When I got the report card, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My Chinese score was the highest in the class. Mathematics and English were also very good. I jumped up happily. Finally, I worked hard and got nothing in vain.

Although hard work, but the harvest is also huge,’Sword blade from sharpening, plum blossom fragrance from bitter cold’, this sentence is not false at all. Think about it, as if I were the plum blossom that had endured the bitter cold, standing proudly on the snow, revealing its fragrance…

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