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Plum Blossom Enamel Pins of Different Colors

Plum Blossom Enamel Pins of Different Colors

It’s a good idea to customize different colours of plum blossom enamel pins. Wear the plum blossom badge and go out to play. It was sunny. My mother and I went to Xixi Wetland to see plum blossoms.

Before I reached the plum appreciation area, I could smell a faint fragrance from a distance.

What colours can the plum blossom badge have?

When I went into Mei Garden: Wow! How beautiful! Plum blossoms are red, pink and white, and there is also a tree with red, pink and white plum blossoms.

There will also be gradual change, from deep red to light pink, very beautiful!

A breeze blew, and petals of all colors fell from trees from time to time. It was like a fairyland.

Plum blossoms are not only bright in color, but also beautiful in shape.

Some of them are flowers and bones, which look as if they are about to burst.

Some just unfolded two or three petals, and some all unfolded petals, gladly blooming, revealing the small yellow stamens, very beautiful.

From time to time, a few squirrels jumped out of the nearby bamboo forest. They were playing happily and jumping about happily, which added a lot of vitality to nature.

If these animals and plants are regarded as a picture, the artist’s skill is not ordinary.

The beauty and vitality of plum blossoms make me intoxicated and linger on.

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