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Security Lapel Pins

Our security lapel pins are at cheap wholesale price. The security pins are with soft enamel or hard enamel color. Our custom design security pins most use the zinc alloy material with gold plating. The backside can be butterfly clutch, or safe pins. You can order the custom design security lapel pins no minimum order. Buy small order from our company can save much budget for your company or department.

E-lapel pins conveys a stunning determination of Department of Homeland Security smaller than usual identification lapel pins, DHS lapel pins, retractable ID reel identification holders, accreditation cases, cash clasps and that’s just the beginning.

With such a significant number of alternatives to browse Honor First is the #1 decision for Department of Homeland Security scaled down identification lapel pins and different DHS items.

The greater part of our Department of Homeland Security items are fabricated from astounding materials with a 100% unconditional promise!


Our security rules

To strengthen the internal management of the unit, ensure the safety and tidiness of the unit:

1. Personnel entry and exit guard

(1) actively maintain the normal working and living order of the unit. Observe discipline and abide by the law, set up self-awareness and enhance sense of responsibility.

1. Don’t allow No prohibited goods, dangerous goods and access to office space.

2, Don’t change the public property into self – owned units.

3, take the initiative to accept security supervision and inspection of security guards.

Ask for your intention and do a good job of registration. Telephone or contact the reception department or receptionist. After the visit, record the departure time and file for reference.

Two, the security of the unit property

Every day after work, the departments should turn off the power supply. Close doors and windows, do fire prevention, guard against theft, and ensure safety.

(1) Place cash, valuables and confidential documents in a safe cupboard after work.

(two) duty security personnel should always pay attention to incoming and outgoing personnel. Night duty security personnel should patrol the company within the specified time.curity

Do you use the security patches? Or Security medals to award the police staff.


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