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Snowflake Enamel Pins

Snowflake Enamel Pins

Snowflake brooches inlaid with white pearls. Make your custom snowflake enamel pins at cheap price.

Heap composition distribution, coordinated collocation, with clean color, full of smart beauty.

Even if you wear black, you won’t look stiff. Snowflake brooches will be the highlight of your pursuit of exquisite life. Snowflake Brooch can perfectly display personality and taste. The first is to make a good impression on others.

Small stature, choose small and bright more appropriate, tall, choose large and complex is better. Brooches made of snowflakes have the purity, elegance and nobility of snowflakes. A suit with a brooch will not violate the feeling at all. Even if you don’t wear a colorful skirt, you only need a brooch to show your taste and temperament.

This snowflake brooch has three colors to choose from.

Each one is elegant and charming, although the color is different, you go out to meet customers. Or there are some more important business talks, and these brooches are very textural. It will make your whole person look steady and energetic.

Snowflake brooch, unique design, let you emit a more elegant temperament.

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